Make your ad campaign a more memorable and pleasant experience by taking the problem solving out of your hands and putting it in the hands of professionals.

AMI Studios offers advertising services for small, medium and large businesses, special events and political campaigns as well as entertainers and professional speakers. No ad campaign is too large or too small for our advertising professionals.

With a large network of advertising professionals to handle every aspect of your campaign no matter what size or budget. From press release and public relations to multimedia production, TV / Radio spots, print or web. AMI has the experience and capability to handle all of your advertising needs.

Planning and preparation are critical for a successful advertising campaign and acquiring professional guidance will increase your ROI and overall success.

Please call or email us for more information about Advertising services.

Types of Advertising:

  • Public Relations
  • Press Release
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Publication
  • Web
  • Print