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A Professional Logo will greatly enhance your corporate image. A strong corporate identity that your customers trust is your highest priority in business.

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How does a Professional Logo help your business

The first step in building your corporate brand is to obtain an iconic logo that your customers will recognize and identify your company by. Don’t risk the future success of your business by choosing the wrong professional logo design company. Choose a designer that understands this critical step and will deliver your finished logo design at a price that will fit your budget.

With increasing competition in every industry it’s more important then ever to set your company apart from the crowd. Whether starting a new business, or redefining your business image, the most important part of your corporate identity is a powerful, well planned, professional logo design.

Your logo represents your company in many different ways. Some you may not even be aware of.

Your future success depends heavily on the professional image your company presents to your target audience. An effective logo design will grab your customer’s attention and draw them to your company.

Customers relate much easier to a business with a strong corporate identity and a company logo is the most visible part of that professional image.

Professional Logo Design

Get a new Logo designed to your specifications and start building a strong corporate identity for your company.

By equipping your business with a professional logo, your company will have the ability to stand out from your competitors and leave a memorable, lasting impression on your customers.

Your business will be well on its way to achieving a unique professional image once you have your new logo.

Start your Logo Design Today!

Utilizing talent, knowledge and experience to help you succeed.

Everything designed for your business, whether it’s a website, print media, or multimedia presentation is created with your customer in mind.

Utilizing shapes, color, lighting and shading strategically, yet conservatively, our goal is to engage and excite your customers and enhance their experience.

Your Logo will equip your company with a corporate brand to achieve maximum exposure and help increase customer retention.

Your finished logo can be used on every form of media in your marketing campaign. Whether it’s stationary, banners, website, video, T-shirts or vehicle graphics, your logo will look great across all types of media


  • Super fast turnaround time 
  • A highly skilled design professional
  • 1 – 3 original concepts per project
  • Multiple revisions to obtain a logo you can be proud of
  • Great quality and affordable price
  • Full refund available if you’re not completely satisfied

Professional Quality

Most graphic design firms traditionally assign one designer per project. Your logo will be engineered by a professional designer with years of experience, me. I’ll present you with several options during the concept phase. You to choose the one you like best, or combine elements from the different options to create a completely original logo, and know you’ve made the right choice.


Your logo design will be delivered in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. Once you submit your ideas and contact info, along with payment I immediately begin creating your company logo. Within a few days your mockups will be ready for review.

Affordable Prices

Traditional design firms often charge between $2,000 and $10,000 for a corporate logo. Because I’m independent, it’s possible your logo will cost less then $500.

I understands that most “start up” companies and small businesses have limited resources in the beginning and often have extremely tight budgets in order to remain competitive.

I also believe that every business should have a professional logo that meets their budget.

One-to-one Service

Your first call is considered free consultation. Only after I’ve earned your trust and you’re ready to begin working with me, does the clock start. If at any time, you’re not satisfied, just let me know and we’ll part ways. No hard feelings, just business.

We believe in the value of strong relationships with our customers, and most of all we want to ensure that you get a logo you love. Many design firms would rather not take calls and work very hard to avoid contact with customers.

Each logo requires a unique approach determined by the needs of your company and your Industry. Working with a professional who has your best interest in mind will insure your business has a unique, eye-catching professional image crafted according to your specifications. The work is not complete until you are completely satisfied! With your ideas successfylly executed, your logo will help position your business as an industry leader.

Professional Reputation

I’ve built my professional reputation on providing the highest quality service and superior customer support. By choosing a designer who is known for helping others succeed, you know you’re making the right choice.

With so many new “Start Up” design companies popping up these days, it can be difficult to know exactly who you’re doing business with. More important, it’s quite common that many of those start up service providers you choose today, won’t be in business long enough to finish your logo.

I’ve been in business since 2001 and I’ll be for a long time to come. I’ve worked with sole proprietors, start ups, mom-n-pop start-up companies, and large corporate clients. I’m determined to continue providing quality design services for a growing number of satisfied customers.

A note on logo designs before you begin…

Custom Logo Design – If the design is more complex we will provide you with an estimate and require 50% up front before we begin. Logos typically take us between 3 to 5 hours. The final amount of time we spend in production depends on the number of revisions requested by the client.

The reason we provide you with 3 different designs in the beginning is to give you a variety to choose from. This also gives you an opportunity to be involved in the creative process of developing your brand.

We prefer not wasting your time by adding contact information to a logo, as this can be added later and usually requires very little time. However, adding it too early can become a hindrance during production and increase the amount of time we need to spend on your logo.

After you choose one of the conceptual designs to move forward with we will make any revisions you desire and put the finishing touches on the design. Please keep in mind during this period that any revisions are billable time and this is typically where the price tends to skyrocket in a very short time. To avoid this we ask you to keep revisions to a minimum and don’t try to achieve perfection. Our design team always strives for excellence but we are well aware that perfection is unattainable, and it’s important to keep this in mind.

Another area where your design can become bogged down with revisions is in seeking too many opinions about your logo and what looks good. A smart entrepreneur knows what looks good and will represent their company well, without requiring approval from others. It’s ok to have one or two trusted advisors provide you with feedback on your logo, but a lot of times people are so unsure of their decision making ability that they need to ask everyone they know, including neighbors, doctors, ex-wives etc.

If you’ve been in business for some time, you know that you can make intelligent decisions about your company and the direction it’s going, so please don’t leave money on the table by making endless revisions to your logo and trying to please everyone else. I would much rather see you spend money where it will earn the greatest return on your investment, in advertising. Unless you have endless resources, then by all means spend your marketing dollars where it makes you feel good.