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Magazine design and layout to your specifications.

Magazine layout by AMI Studios offers professional quality layout, content and creative design for your magazine.

Whether it’s graphics, articles and advertisements you need for your magazine, we have a versatile team of professionals including, writers, artists and marketing specialists available to design, layout and help with marketing for your magazine.

Magazine Layout and Magazine Design.

Magazine Design Guide

Magazine Layout Ideas:

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Magazine Layout and Design Guide

Interested in creating your own magazine project? Check out our Magazine Layout and Design Guide.

Magazine Layout

Magazine Design: Where to begin?

It’s often the most difficult place to be, when you decide to create a magazine, and get caught up in all the excitement about publishing your own creation and then suddenly realize you don’t have any idea how you’ll get the magazine from your imagination into your readers hands.

If you would like to learn more about Magazine Layout and Magazine Design please read through this simple magazine layout and design guide.

Magazine Layout Software

Once you’ve decided on a theme for your magazine subscription you’ll need to decide which software you want to use to create your layout.

Quark, Adobe, Corel – Use the tools that top magazine professionals do. Click the links to learn more about these top magazine layout software or

You’ll also need a software that allows you to create different design elements and edit photos to incorporate into your layout.

After deciding which software you’re going to use to execute your magazine layout and design you’ll need to learn about colors, ad placement, design to enhance your magazine and finally how to bring it all together in pre-press before sending it to the printer.

Magazine Layout Books

Search Amazon.com for the most popular books on magazine layout and design or Click Here to learn more information about Magazine Layout Books.

Magazine Subscriptions

One of the most effective ways for designers to get a good grasp on magazine design and magazine layout is to study the many different styles of magazine design concepts available today. We encourage you to visit your local book store and browse through the magazine racks and find magazines that are related to your publication.

One way to be sure you get quality magazines that pertain to your interests is to order a subscription and study the way the artists and editors work together month after month to maintain consistency and uniformity with each issue, and at the same time present a completely new and fresh publication every month.

There are many quality magazine subscriptions for you to choose from that should satisfy your requirements. We encourage you to browse the Internet and find publications that are related to your field of interest.

Content provided by AMI Studios for your magazine will require additional fees depending on the amount of work involved, but we have all the resources and skills that you need to publish a professional quality magazine.

Professional Magazine Design by AMI

If you prefer to have help from a professional, AMI offers magazine and design and layout services for monthly, quarterly or yearly publications.

Most of our magazine design projects are single page ads and event programs, however we are capable of producing full spread publications if you desire.

In addition to magazine layout and design services AMI offers professional quality service in several areas, to compliment your publication. Here are some additional links to our website that may be helpful to you.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about our magazine layout and magazine design services, Click Here to learn more about Magazine Layout and Magazine Design.

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Nevada Broadcasters Association Annual
Tribute Journal 56-page layout and content design.
Magazine Cover – The Heat Is On (Dance Show)
Program guide for Nevada Broadcasters annual hall of fame galaMagazine Cover - The Heat is On (Dance Show)